Penelope Chatterton

Awake in the Dream is Penelope's dream as she has found her special niche for her journey to awakening.

Penelope Chatterton was raised in New Canaan, CT and was privileged to study ballet in New York City with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo as a child. Dance still is Penelope's middle name as she continues her work with the Latham Players from Cape Cod in MA, a local special needs theater group who share their community service throughout the Cape and through public access television. Having retired to wonderful theater director, Dinah Lane, she continues to enjoy supporting and encouraging her wonderful friends.

Her early interest in metaphysics stems from her relationship with her Christian Science dad and grandparents who were practitioners of that innovative and uncompromising faith. Often, upsetting concepts actually lead Penelope to her current understanding of why her life took so many traumatic turns. She feels there were no accidents, as her inner guidance became her source of comfort and her way of life. The universe gave her the necessary tools with various, outstanding mentors giving her journey a road to travel.

Widowed at a young age with two babies, spiritual healing was a must for her survival. Her dad's history became her life path as well. As he read the Key to the Scripture from Mary Baker Eddy, she read all the metaphysical readings she could get her hands on, with an accent on A Course in Miracles when the treatise came on the scene in the late 1960s. In 2011, Penelope found, by no accident, a book by spiritual disciple and mystic, Joel S. Goldsmith, who created The Infinite Way Movement.  She was so excited to expand her spiritual search as Joel gave her growth privacy, patience and Knowledge. The simplest concepts bring enlightenment!  Penelope is his dedicated student!

Awake in the Dream is Penelope's dream as she has found her special niche for her journey to awakening. She hopes you enjoy the programs and welcomes you as her friend in the total Sonship of the Mind of Christ.

Penelope with her children